New Student Orientation

If you really want to get the best experience you can out of BYU,
you have to participate in the amazing events they put on.
NSO is the greatest way to start!
-Zach, Washington

Congratulations and welcome to BYU! Begin your formal experience at BYU with New Student Orientation (NSO), held just prior to the start of classes. All new students are expected to attend NSO.

The purpose of NSO is to:

welcome new student to the BYU community of disciple scholars,

help new students become familiar with campus resources, and

connect new students with other students, faculty, and campus personnel.

NSO activities range from spiritual and academic to the informal and out-and-out fun and are always friendly and focused on the needs of new students. Many of these events are organized around Y Groups, small cohorts of students led by upperclassmen that offer students the opportunity to ask questions and get to know other new students.


Typical activities include:
  • Welcome from BYU Administration
  • Campus  and Library Tours
  • Getting to Know Your Major Meetings
  • Honor Night with David Betterman
  • Y Class Photo
  • Special interest meetings (Major Avisement, Pre-med/law/business Prep, Honors Program)
  • BYU Love: t-shirt, planner, lunch, cinch bag, and more
  • Intro to BYU Traditions, including Lighting the Y and new Ice Cream flavor reveal
Registration for orientation typically begins two months prior to the start of classes. We will send you an email invitation to sign up. There is no cost to attend.
NSO is an essential part of your start at BYU, and we look forward to seeing you soon!