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This week we have some cool information for you about On-Campus Internships and important announcements at the end! 
On-Campus Internship
What is an OCI?
Join an On-Campus Internship (OCI) team and get some work done! No matter your major or grade level, you can spend 7-9 hours a week working for a real company and getting professional experience, all while earning 3 college credits! You will be placed on a team of 3-5 students to complete a project for a company/organization.

During this project you will:

+ Work 7 to 9 hours a week for a real company, small, big or non-profit.
+ Gain real career experience by solving problems companies are facing today.
+ Earn 3 credit hours while trying out the skills you are learning in class.
+ Learn about possible jobs in your major.
+ Build a network of relationships with your team members and company sponsor.
+ Get a killer resumé builder for future internships and jobs.
+ Build your resumé without taking time from school!
Learn On-Campus Internships in this 3 minute video!
Available Options
What types of On-Campus Internships are there?

There are 120+ internships available with guaranteed acceptance and no required interview.

+ MSB 494R Enter the world of business by working on one of these projects.
+ FIN 487R Get involved with Investment Banking and Private Equity roles.
+ MSB 496R Acquire hands-on experience with Real Estate Development projects.
+ MSB 491R Contribute to solving social issues and making a global impact.
+ HCOLL 494R Work on translating material and making translation guides. 

How to Apply
Let's do this!

1. Click HERE to fill out the student application and select your preferred internship class.
2. Review the list of projects and create your preferences.
3. Update your application over the next few weeks as projects come in and teams are formed.
4. Register for the class (MSB 494R section 1, 2 or 3 or other specialty classes). 

1. Follow @byulearnanwhere on Instagram! They will be posting some really cool things and helpful tips as we approach Fall Semester. For more information on BYU Learn Anywhere, visit their website.
2. Learn how to get involved with the Chinese community on and off campus through professional and social opportunities at the BYU China Conference. This is a great opportunity for everyone in the BYU community, whether you speak Chinese or not! Fill out THIS 3-minute survey to share your interest in the BYU China Conference.
3. BYU's Women's Services and Resources offers free nutrition consultations for men and women. To sign up, visit wsr.byu.edu and click services. With that, there is a 10-week eating disorder support group for women only. For more information, email Savannah at wsr-wellness@byu.edu.


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