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It's almost that time of year! Classes start on Monday and we have a few important reminders for you as you finish prepping for next week. 🎉 After the reminders, learn about how to use Learning Suite, the online portal for your BYU classes!
Fall Semester 2020
1st Day of Classes: August 31st, 2020
Mandatory Welcome Back Training
To help us all be prepared for Fall Semester, there is a mandatory 15 min training from BYU that all students must complete prior to August 31st (next Monday/1st day of classes!). You should have received an email from BYU with this training and other information earlier this month. Click HERE to complete the training now.

Finish the Online Orientation Module
We hope you will finish the online orientation module we sent you this week, prior to starting your classes on Monday. The information there will help you be more prepared for your first semester at BYU. View the module HERE.

Your Peer Mentor
As you come to BYU at such a unique time in history, meeting with your peer mentor is more important than ever! In addition to their own experiences as a student at BYU, your peer mentor has received special training to help you be successful this year and to achieve your potential during your time at BYU and beyond. If you have questions about who your mentor is click HERE.

Pro tip: we recommend that you meet with your mentor sometime during the first 2-3 weeks of school!

BYU Learn Anywhere
BYU Learn Anywhere is full of awesome resources to help all BYU students learn anywhere. Regardless of if your classes are being held via Zoom, in the classroom, or are blended, BYU Learn Anywhere has resources for you! Click HERE to go to the website or click HERE to check out their Instagram page.

FYE Online Resources
We added some new content to our online resources page specifically for first-year BYU students! Click HERE to check out some cool workshop videos about online learning and view other tips and tricks.

Where a Mask
Remember that masks are required in all BYU buildings, classroom settings, and in outdoor areas where social distancing is not possible.
Learning Suite
Learning Learning Suite
What is Learning Suite?
Learning Suite is your online portal for BYU classes! Access your course assignments, discussions, and grades online at learningsuite.byu.edu.

Go to learningsuite.byu.edu 
Explore your published courses for Fall Semester. “Published” means that your professor has finalized the course details and made them visible to enrolled students. Get a feel for the class before you even step foot on BYU campus! It is recommended that you read the syllabi for your classes prior to the first day.

Watch the Tutorial
Most professors use Learning Suite to collect homework assignments and post class announcements. Click HERE to watch a 2-min tutorial to learn how to use Learning Suite.
Learning Suite Features
For the best learning experience.

Landing Page
Personalize your landing page with the little blue cog at the top right corner of the page.

Combined Schedule
Keep track of homework deadlines in every class.  This is a great tool to use in your weekly planning!

Course Content 
Access class readings, PowerPoints, and study guides as you prepare for a test.

Digital Dialogue
Participate in online class discussions.
Use the “What If Calculator” to calculate your final grade in a class. Read your professor’s comments on an assignment after they finish grading it.

Visit your professor or TA during their office hours.

In the top right corner of Learning Suite click the envelope icon to view and send messages. This can be a helpful way to connect and communicate with your classmates. Be sure to think twice before sending an email to the whole class about getting class notes, etc. It’s better to make friends in the class and then message them directly.

1. Join  the Association of Future Female Physicians Whether you've completely devoted yourself to becoming a physician or you're still considering a career in medicine, this is the community for you. Build relationships with fellow students, engage in mentoring discussions with female physicians, and learn how to become a competitive medical school applicant. Learn more HERE.
2. Waive the Student Health Plan If you have private insurance, be sure to waive the Student Health Plan plan BEFORE the add/drop deadline (Tuesday September 8th). Click HERE to waive the plan. 
3. Finalize your Class Schedule You can keep make adjustments to your schedule up until Tuesday September 8th. Try to have it mostly finished before classes start on Monday, but please feel free to make adjustments as needed during that first week.

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