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Mentored Seats

What does the Mentored Seat button on my registration screen do?

The mentored seat button at the bottom of the term/semester registration takes the you to a list of courses in which First-Year Mentoring has reserved seats for first-year students.

Who can register for a Seat?

Any student attending BYU in their first year can utilize one of these reserved seats. Even those who have served missions are still eligible if they have not completed 2 semesters of coursework.

What courses have Mentored Seats?

There are various courses to choose from. You should be able to find 1-2 courses that fit your schedule and interests. Available courses differ from term to term and semester to semester. Here are a few to give you an idea:

  • American Heritage
  • Writing 150 (First-Year Writing)
  • Biology 100
  • Psychology 111
  • Chemistry 105
  • Math 110
  • History 201 – World Civilizations
  • Music 101- Learn to listen to music creatively
  • SFL 210 – Human Development

To see a complete list for any given term/semester, go to MyMAP and click on the “Mentored Seats” on the Registration tab.

How Do I Register?

A student may register for a mentored seat by clicking on the “Mentored Seats” button in myMAP on the Registration tab under the term/semester the student is registering. In the new screen, the drop down menus are used to select “mentoring” and the course the student wishes to take.