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You may want to take the time to explore this page thoroughly. Each of these items is applicable to every student and will help you get off to a good start. This is where you will learn when to register for your classes, how to register, and what to register for.  


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Registration Dates

New freshmen admitted fall semester, no matter how many transfer credits you have, are randomly assigned a date for registration. Your priority registration date will be posted to MyMAP a few weeks before registration begins, at which point you’ll be notified by email.

Registration Dates



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MyMAP is BYU's tool to help you plan and register for classes. MyMAP contains registration, your class schedule, and tools to plan out future semesters. Other links on MyMAP to help you register include:

  • Progress Report: an official report of completed college work.
  • Class Schedule: the place to find detailed information about courses you're interested in and the days or times they are offered. 
  • Major Academic Plans (MAPs): give you the recommended sequence of courses for each major.

Learn how to use MyMAP


The MyMAP system is what BYU students use to plan, organize, and register courses. MyMAP contains your class schedule, progress report, course descriptions, scheduling information, recommendations from the Major Academic Plans (MAPs), and registration.

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Registration Cart

The Registration Cart is a useful, timesaving feature that automatically adds classes to your schedule. To use it, simply go into MyMAP and search for classes. As you plan your schedule, add each class to your cart. Then, submit your cart by 6 p.m. MT the day before your priority registration date. The classes will then be added automatically to your schedule. However, keep in mind that using the cart does not reserve seats or guarantee you will get the classes you save. 

More about Registration Cart

Automatically adds classes to your schedule! Add classes to your cart, and then submit your cart before your priority registration date. This will ensure that you get a spot in every available class that you select.

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If a class you want to register for is already full, you can place yourself on a Waitlist for that class. This places you in a registration queue and automatically adds the class to your schedule if it becomes available. You can add a class that is full to your waitlist in MyMAP. 

More about Waitlist

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Permission-to-Add Code

Permission-to-Add Codes allow you to register for a class that is either full, has a prerequisite that you don’t meet, or needs special authorization. You get Permission-to-Add Codes directly from instructors.

More about Permission-to-Add Codes

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University Catalog

BYU's definitive guide to programs (majors and minors) and courses offered, as well as policies and procedures. Search complete lists of colleges, departments, programs, courses, general education, policies, and other BYU information.

Explore Catalog

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Choose a Major

Choosing a major? Get started at the University Advisement Center. You can meet with advisors who are experts in helping you select a major and make a graduation plan. 

Already have a major? Check out the College Advisement Center of the college that houses your major to make an appointment with an advisor.

Explore options online. Look through the University Catalog for a list of all the majors and minors on campus.

Change major. New Freshman can change majors online until the first day of class. After the first day you will need to fill out a Change Major Request on MyMAP.

List of Majors


Don’t have a major? Get started at the University Advisement Center. At the advisement center, you can meet with advisors who are experts in selecting a major and making a graduation plan.