Student Success - Early Alert & Mentoring

As you work to achieve student success in your first year you will have access to many wonderful resources and opportunities. One such resource is your First-Year Peer Mentor. This upper-classman peer is someone who can offer everything from advice of what worked for them as they transitioned to university life to someone to bounce ideas and concerns off of when life gets hectic. First-Year Peer Mentors have been trained to offer tips and tricks, a listening ear and most especially, their personal experiences that can help students fulfill their potential.

This website is full of a lot of great resources from the How To BYU section which can offer answers to some of the most common first-year questions to the Who's My Mentor page which can help you have the contact information for your assigned mentor. Please remember that every first-year student has a mentor who would love to meet with you to talk about whatever is on your mind and help in adjusting to college life.