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Advice from a Veteran Freshman

We asked actual students (after their first semester) what advice they would give to a new freshman. Here are some of their answers:

Dear New Freshman,

  • Come in with an open mind - things may not be as you expect
  • Meet with your Peer Mentor! If you don't, you'll run the risk of missing out on a lot of resouces that BYU has to offer
  • Boys, don’t be afraid to ask the girls on dates! You don’t have to get serious, but we still like to spend time with you!
  • Block out time to do homework/study
  • Use your Arts Card!
  • Learn how to prioritize
  • Try lots of different new things
  • Go to ward activities! It is how you make friends
  • Don’t overly stress when things don’t go perfectly
  • Get a ROC pass; the sports are bomb!
  • You won’t be perfect
  • SMILE at people on campus: it could make their day!
  • Don’t forget to balance your eating and sleeping schedule
  • Ditching class is the absolute best… way to FAIL class and college!
  • Find a reason to go to class, even if you think it’s boring
  • If the weather looks really bad… wait 20 minutes. It’ll change
  • Start studying early on in the semester
  • Get to know your TAs - they are students just like you and their job is to help you!
  • Try studying or working somewhere in the library - there’s plenty of space there and you will be less distracted by food and roommates!
  • Don’t freak out and think college is too hard for you - it’s not that scary

Good luck,
Veteran Freshman