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New Student Orientation (NSO)

Come get to know campus! NSO activities range from spiritual and academic, to the informal and out-and-out fun that is a fantastic part of campus life. Many of these events are organized around Y Groups, small groups led by upperclassmen where you can ask questions and get to know other new students. Registration for Summer & Fall 2024 NSO are open!

If you really want to get the best experience you can out of BYU, you have to participate in the amazing events they put on. NSO is the greatest way to start! -Zach | Washington

New Student Orientation

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Your BYU experience starts here! New Student Orientation (NSO) is where we welcome you to a long legacy of Cougar tradition and excellence. Almost everyone attends because it is informative and fun! Everything is free for you: food, BYU swag, prizes, entertainment, and training by professionals and mentors. Even if you're familiar with BYU campus, you won't want to miss this!

BYU New Student Orientation includes three important parts:

1. Online Orientation Modules - ALL NEW! BYU has developed an orientation learning module for all incoming students! Complete the 90 minutes of interactive content to kick-start your BYU success. Can't do it in one sitting? Don't worry! It saves your progress for when you want to start up again! We strongly recommend completing this before you register for classes. Click HERE to start now!

2. Orientation Event - Join us for a live welcome event to get to know other students, the BYU legacy, and additional resources to help you gear up for success at BYU. The event is what we typically refer to as New Student Orientation and is always full of fun, friends, swag/prizes, and more. Scroll down to view more details about the orientation event for your first term/semester at BYU. The event is packed with tours, presentations, parties, & more.

Mark Your Calendars!

Summer 2024 NSO:
June 22, 2024
Registration is now open!
Click HERE to find the Summer 2024 New Student Orientation Schedule!
Click HERE to find the Summer 2024 Transfer Student Orientation Schedule!

Fall 2024 NSO:
August 29-30, September 3, 2024
Registration is now open!
Click HERE to find the Fall 2024 New Student Orientation Schedule!

3. Peer Mentors - Your peer mentor is here to help you fulfill your potential at BYU! They will help guide you through your first year from the time you are admitted through the end of your first semester. Click HERE to learn who your mentor is.

Parent Orientation

We know that you play an important role in your child's first year at college, so we want to share some important BYU resources with you.

During Winter & Spring NSOs, we do not host a Parent Orientation. However, parents are welcome to attend presentations and tours with their students (child willing).

We invite you to utilize our page of online parent resources listed below.

New Transfer Student Orientation

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You may be thinking, "I'm a transfer student. Will NSO be worth my time?" It depends... what do you want to learn? Come discover the ins and outs of BYU academics and make a plan to succeed. Meet other transfer students and start networking. Take time to plan for your career.

More Information

Register to Be a Y-Group Leader or a Volunteer

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Much of NSO is made possible by current BYU students who volunteer their time and effort by helping lead incoming students through our campus tours and other NSO events. This position, Y-Group Leader, is a great way to give back to campus as well as make friends!

Check out our Y-Group Leader page to learn more!

Can't be there for all of Fall NSO but still want to volunteer? Volunteer as an event assistant on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday! These are usually three-hour slots of time, so sign up for as many as you are willing and able.

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