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Air Force ROTC

(801) 422-2671 | | 380 Wells ROTC Bldg

AFROTC is a program that helps students practice the leadership skills needed to become an officer in the Air Force while earning an education.

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Ballard Center for Social Impact

Our mission is to help BYU students solve social problems. We have over 30 programs including clubs, classes, competitions, etc.

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BYU Salt Lake Center

(801) 933-9400 | | 300 SLC

Did you know you can take BYU classes in Salt Lake City? It’s the perfect option when your schedule hits the fan, or if you’d rather take a GE class in a small classroom than an auditorium. The BYU Salt Lake Center is the real deal: BYU classes, BYU credit, BYU instructors. It’s just in Salt Lake instead of Provo—and so are concerts, food, Jazz games, and shopping. Most classes meet only once a week and transportation’s a breeze with free public transit. Schedule some time at the BYU Salt Lake Center.

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College of Fine Arts and Communication

801.422.3777 - - D444 HFAC

The College of Fine Arts and Communications’ mission is to “teach the disciplines of art, communications, dance, design, music and theatre and media arts; explore these disciplines’ application to various media; and expand their civilizing influence on the human spirit. The college’s activities are founded on spiritual values. Each department strives for excellence and rigor in scholarship, performance and creative activity. The college seeks a balance among these areas of endeavor that offers students a diverse education in preparation for professional contributions and a lifetime of service to humankind.”

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College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

801.422.2674 - - N181 ESC

We, the advisors and staff at the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Advisement Center, are happy to assist you in your academic journey towards graduation and in your preparation for a fulfilling career. We are ready to answer a variety of questions you may have, help with class planning and graduation plans, and discuss ways to be a successful student. We can also refer you to a variety of resources available to you which will enrich your experience at BYU. We look forward to meeting with you!

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Department of Design

(801) 422-7321 | | E509 HFAC

The Department of Design offers 5 degrees: BFAs in Illustration, Animation, Graphic Design, and Photography, with a BA in Design.

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Honors Program

(801) 422-3036 | | 102 MSRB

The Honors Program mission is to develop student-scholars from across the university who will become broad thinkers, creative problem solvers, and influential leaders. This is achieved by cultivating academic excellence, community of scholars, interdisciplinary thinking , and skills of inquiry.

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Ira A Fulton College of Engineering

(801) 422-4326 | | 240 EB

We are the student services center for the college of engineering.

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Life Sciences Advisement

(801) 422-3042 | | 2060 LSB

Advisement services for the College of Life Sciences.

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McKay School of Education

(801) 422-3426 | | 350 MCKB

The McKay School of Education prepares individuals to enter the teaching profession and fill other vital roles in schools and communities. From working with young children to develop literacy skills to helping individuals with special needs transition to fill roles in their communities, we have programs that make a difference and positively impact society. You may choose from our programs in communication disorders, early childhood education, elementary education, physical education teaching/coaching, and special education.

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Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum

(801) 422-5050 | MLBM

We inspire wonder and reverence for our living planet through our exhibits as well as large research collections within the museum.

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On-Campus Internships

Through on-campus internships, students receive academic credit while gaining valuable real-life work experience in their chosen fields.

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Pre-Professional Advisement Center

(801) 422-3044 | | 3328 WSC

We specialize in helping students interested in applying to law school, medical school, business school, and various other health professions.

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University Advisement Center

(801) 422-3826 | | 2500 WSC

We help all students who are exploring majors and careers. We’re also home to all Open Major students – let’s talk about your schedule and upcoming semester!

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