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Transfer Students

How To BYU was designed for all incoming students. Below are the features that are specific to you as a transfer student.

Request a Mentor

July 31, 2019 10:41 AM
As a transfer student, you are not assigned a student mentor, but can request one. Mentors are a guide to campus and the BYU experience. They are available to meet regularly for your support and success. To request a mentor send an email to

Transfer Evaluation Services

Transfer your college and institute courses to see how they can fill BYU general education requirements.

More Information

AP Scores and IB Credit

If you completed AP or IB exams, you may receive BYU credit according to the AP/IB Guide. If you have concurrent credit, you will need to send your transcript to BYU. To see if your credit has been added, check your Record Summary in MyMAP.

Associate Degree

If you completed an associate degree or if you completed all the general education requirements at your previous university, check your Record Summary or Progress Report in MyMAP to see that BYU has received this information. If you have received an associate degree and don’t see that your GE requirements have been filled on your Progress Report, please call Transfer Evaluation Services at 801-422-8522.