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Just got your mission call? Here you can learn about how to have a smooth transition from college to your mission and back again. For a full checklist of what you need to do before leaving on your mission, check out the Departing Missionary Checklist.

Mission Deferment

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BYU students who want to defer their enrollment while serving a mission must complete the online missionary deferment. To defer both enrollment and BYU academic scholarships without having to reapply to the university, the following conditions should be met:
  • Be admitted to BYU as a degree-seeking student
  • Cannot be on academic suspension or dismissal
  • Return to BYU for the semester/term indicated on your deferment
  • Have a current ecclesiastical endorsement
More about Mission Deferment

Missionary Deferment Workshop

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If you are headed out on a mission, this workshop is for you! Come find out how to secure your enrollment status, the best way to register for classes before you return, when to get your ecclesiastical endorsement, and much more!

More about the Workshop

Departing Missionary Checklist

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Enrollment Services will walk you through any online forms you need to submit before leaving on your mission. They also have helpful tips on what to do with scholarships and financial aid.

Departing Missionary Checklist

Cancel Student Health Plan

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The Student Health Center will be notified a week after you have completed your mission deferment form. If you qualify for deferment, they will automatically update your health plan. If you have any questions, give them a call at 801-422-2771 or send them a YMessage. If you choose to send a YMessage, select "Student Health Plan" as your topic and be sure to specify which semesters you will be gone.

Send a YMessage

Guest Access

Guest Access allows you to give another person proxy access to your BYU account. You can grant access to selected information so your proxy may conduct business on your behalf. Some of these areas include housing/meal plan payments, contact information updates, class registration questions, and more.

Grant Guest Access

Defer On-Campus Housing

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Residents living on campus who are planning to go on a mission during their agreement period should submit a petition to be released from their agreement. You will need to submit the online missionary deferment form or send a copy of your mission call to the Campus Accommodations Office in order to be released from your housing contract and receive a refund of your security deposit.

Defer Housing

Planning Classes

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Some majors have a competitive application process. This will include completing specific pre-requisite classes before applying. If you plan on taking classes before you leave for your mission, talk to your advisement center to plan your most effective academic path.

Contact Advisement Center