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Service and Social Involvement

BYU Choirs

(801) 422-5616 | | C550 HFAC

Sing with the BYU Choirs in Winter 2021! We have COVID protocols in place to keep everyone safe and allow us to sing in person. Visit for all the information!

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BYU Student Wellness

(801) 422-4636 | | 112 RB

Wellness is the active pursuit of your best self! BYU Student Wellness is here to help students find their flow as they journey through the ups and downs of student life.

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BYUSA (BYU Student Service Association)

(801) 244-3901 | | 3400 WSC

BYUSA is BYU's connection and leadership organization. Our events cultivate culture and provide meaningful student experiences.

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CAPS Student Outreach Council

(801) 422-3035 | 1500 WSC

Student volunteers who do mental health outreach for the Counseling and Psychological Services

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Student Connection and Leadership Center

(801) 422-3901 | | 3400 WSC

The SCL Center inspires students to create lasting connections, foster an inclusive campus, cultivate skills and talents, and live with integrity. The center is a place for students to come together to create programs and events which elevate the BYU experience for all students. Student volunteers work with campus employees to provide Christ-centered leadership opportunities and create meaningful student-focused experiences. Come get involved. Feel free to call, email, follow us @BYUSCLCenter, or visit the center any time between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

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(801) 422-8686 | 2330 WSC

Y-Serve provides every student with a meaningful service opportunity and seeks to instill in the heart and mind a desire to give lifelong service.

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