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Become a Mentor

Applications to start in Fall 2023 are now being accepted.

Applications are due Wednesday, March 15th, 2023
Selected candidates will be interviewed over Zoom shortly after their application is received.

Those returning from missions or other events after March 15th, please contact for updates on openings!

**If you already started the application using the other system and cannot access it now, please contact for next steps.

What Does a Peer Mentor Do?

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As a mentor you will have the opportunity to work with students one-on-one in helping them succeed during their first year here on campus. Your job is to connect first-year students to campus resources and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning. Mentors also frequently reflect on their abilities to determine how they can improve and further help students.

The best mentors are students who have:
  • Demonstrated high academic achievement and a love of learning in a variety of GE classes
  • Worked cooperatively in a team or group setting
  • Shown interest and genuine care for other students, particularly freshmen
  • A broad knowledge of campus resources
  • Strong self-discipline and can effectively balance their time
  • Exhibited confidence and optimism in the face of challenges
Usual responsibilities include:
  • Build a mentoring relationship with each student
  • Meet with students one-on-one throughout the semester
  • Send weekly emails and other individual emails to students
  • Facilitate study groups, workshops, and other activities
  • Attend and actively participate in peer mentor meetings
  • Perform general office work
  • Attend public relations activities by invitation (Info-Fairs, NSO, booths, etc.)
Typical Day
  • Attend an office hour and Hub hour (3 a week)
  • Meet with a few students
  • Send some emails/texts to follow up with students
  • Meet with a supervisor or coordinator (once a week)
  • Attend Thursday's training meetings (once a week)
  • Supplemental readings/trainings
  • Work 3-4 hrs a day
  • Other than your scheduled office hours/training meetings, the work hours are yours to manage

Apply to Become a Peer Mentor

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Before applying, be sure you meet all of the requirements. You can see a list HERE.
All parts of the application must be completed and received (including recommendations) before the application can be considered for any cycle.
  1. Understand and accept the information outlined in "Peer Mentor Requirements, Qualifications, and Responsibilities"
  2. Complete application Part A: Applicant Information
  3. Complete application Part B: Recommendations
It is your responsibility to request the two recommendation letters identified below. Keep in mind that each recommendation must be submitted by a different person as more than one recommendation completed by the same person will not be considered. Recommendations are confidential!
Your job is to copy and paste a provided link (found in the application) to each person doing a letter for you. It is a quick bubble form that they fill out, not a formal letter. There is a unique link for both letter types.
  • General Recommendation (Character Reference). This recommendation should be completed by an individual who knows you well and can comment on your general abilities (e.g. maturity, initiative, ability to relate to others). Recommendations from an applicant’s First-Year Mentoring (FYM) peer mentor are preferred. Recommendations from residence hall advisors, current ecclesiastical leaders, past employers, and high school teachers or counselors are also acceptable if the applicant is not able to contact their FYM peer mentor or did not attend BYU as a first-year student.
  • Academic Recommendation. This form should be completed by a University professor, graduate instructor, or teaching assistant who can speak directly about your abilities as a student. While recommendations from high school teachers will be considered, they are not preferred and will not be given equal weight in the selection process.
Apply Here

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